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Hi WEALTH is a digital, wealth-creation accelerator for M40. It is a program designed to empower middle-class people (M40) to make money and subsequently increase their wealth and close the inequality gap.
Hi WEALTH equips its participants with the knowledge of how the T20 make their money work for them. Each participant is required to attend classes on how to invest in stocks, cryptocurrency and the property market. After these classes, they are to apply what they have learned with close monitoring from our experts.
According to the Department of Statistics’ (DOSM) Household Income and Basic Amenities survey of 2019, M40 is anyone who is living in a household that earns between RM4,850 to RM10,959 per month.
As the saying goes, M40 is considered “too poor” to get by comfortably in urban areas, but also “too rich” to qualify for B40 assistance programs. While income inequality has always been a problem globally, it got worse amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from Oxfam International*, billionaires globally saw their wealth increase by USD3.9 trillion between 18 March and 31 December 2020. Meanwhile, almost all COVID-19 assistance programs by the governments are addressed for the B40. So M40 is left alone helpless. Hence why Hi WEALTH is tailored specifically for the M40 as a way to close the widening income gap between them and the T20. (*Source: COVID has worsened inequality even as the rich thrive: Oxfam, AlJazeera, 25 Jan 2021)
Hi WEALTH does not push nor does it incentivises members recruitment. Hi WEALTH does not promise you will be making “RM10,000 in his first month, working from his house – no degree required”. Well, you can. But you have to work REALLY HARD for that.
Yes. Without risks, any investment is forbidden in Islam. But it is important to know that the risks could be minimized and managed better with the knowledge and supervision provided in Hi WEALTH.